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Welcome to Shortwave Coffee, a family-run craft coffee shop founded in 2012, born out of a profound love for coffee and a desire to share that passion with everyone. Our mission is to bring the finest in-house roasted coffee to our community and beyond, ensuring every cup is a testament to quality, flavor, and connection.

We specialize in full-body light roasts, which bring out the most vibrant and intricate flavors of the coffee beans, highlighting the unique characteristics of each region. Unlike darker roasts, which often mask these flavors, our light roasts celebrate the natural profiles of the beans, offering a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Our motto, “receive and transmit,” is inspired by the spirit of Shortwave radio, which has enabled communication over vast distances since the early 20th century. Just as shortwave operators bridged divides by transmitting critical information and news from faraway regions, Shortwave Coffee leans on the rich history of coffee as a catalyst for bringing communities together. To share and engage with one another is to Receive and Transmit. We believe in the power of coffee to foster connections, bridging gaps, and creating a sense of community.

This commitment to quality has earned us over 13 Golden Bean Awards, the largest international coffee roasting competition, showcasing our relentless pursuit of excellence. Every cup of Shortwave Coffee is a celebration of our dedication to crafting the best coffee, ensuring that each sip is a memorable experience.

We are deeply connected to the farms that supply our coffee, including those in underserved communities and women-led farms. By working directly with these producers, we ensure fair compensation and sustainable practices, fostering growth and development within these communities. This not only guarantees the highest quality beans for our customers but also promotes social and economic benefits for the farmers.

Our coffee shops, located in vibrant communities, embody our core values of sustainability, connectivity, and a passion for the finest coffee from around the world. We offer a welcoming space where people can come together, relax, and enjoy our carefully crafted coffee. Our signature drink, the Mint Mayday, is a sweet and creamy iced latte with muddled mint, perfect for any occasion.

As a family-operated coffee shop, we embrace the concept of staying connected, whether through our carefully crafted coffee or the inviting spaces we create. At Shortwave Coffee, we are dedicated to making every coffee experience exceptional, connecting people one cup at a time.

In 2024, we introduced our subscription coffee service, making it easier than ever to enjoy Shortwave Coffee at home.

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